Migrate To Nelson

Nelson and surroundings

Nelson is one of the northernmost cities on the South Island of New Zealand. This city, the second oldest in the country, is renowned, among other things, for its exceptional climate. Indeed, Nelson is the sunniest city in New Zealand with more than 2,400 hours of sunshine per year

1 Christ Church

Christ Church Cathedral, the highest point in Nelson’s city centre, is a must for a visit to Nelson because of its location. Located on a hill at the end of Trafalgar Street, Nelson’s shopping street, it is an Anglican church whose construction began in 1925 and ended in 1965
. 350 people can visit the cathedral and its bell tower, with its distinctive architecture, rises to 35 metres high.

2 Queen’s Garden

Queen’s garden, translate, the Queen’s Garden, is a botanical park located a few minutes walk from Nelson’s shopping street, Trafalgar Street. This garden was built in 1892 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. The garden is oriented around Eel Pond, a stream from the Maitai River. Visiting it will take you 1 hour to 1 hour and a half during which you will evolve through different worlds. Fountains, ponds and grassy areas for resting or even picnicking, this garden is a haven of peace in the city.

3 Center of New Zealand

Based on a hill a few kilometres from the centre of Nelson, is the “Center of New Zealand”, the centre of New Zealand. Indeed, it is here that the central point of New Zealand was determined by the surveyors. It is the reference point for the Nelson and surrounding areas (including the North Island). A hike is possible, starting from the Botanic Sport Field. It will take you about 30 minutes to climb up the hill and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city of Nelson.
It should be noted that after a study conducted in 1962, it appears that New Zealand’s “real” centre is located at Spooners Range, about 40 kilometres south of this point.

4 Tahunanui Beach

Tahunanui is a district of Nelson located only 4 kilometers from the city center. This district has as a particularity an exceptional yellow sand beach bordered by a turquoise sea. The sunshine in the Nelson area makes this beach an activity of choice for a visit to Nelson. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy the leisure activities offered along the beach such as the stand up paddle. The beach is also bordered by a huge green area that serves as a picnic area as well as a sports ground. Finally, a zoo is also located along the beach: the Natureland Zoo in Nelson.

5 Abel Tasman National Park

Located only 60 kilometres from Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson is a privileged place from which you can easily travel to the national park for a day. Indeed, a hike in Abel Tasman National Park is a must for a visit to Nelson. Hiking, kayaking, resting on one of the park’s heavenly beaches, there are many possibilities from the city of Nelson. To learn more about Abel Tasman National Park, feel free to read our full article on the park.

6 Nelson Lakes National Park

Nelson Lakes National Park is a park located 90 kilometres from the city of Nelson. Created in 1956, this park of more than 1,000 square kilometres is located between two lakes (hence the name Nelson Lakes): Lake Rotoroa in the east and Lake Rotoiti in the west. It is on the shores of this lake that the visitor center of the national park is located. Nelson Lakes National Park has many activities, including hunting, many hikes ranging from tens of minutes to several days, and mountain biking.

I was very happy to have brought my camera that I had just bought second-hand a few days before my adventure!