Migrate To Nelson

Packing for New Zealand

The PVTists who fly to New Zealand do not have the same plans or the same way of travelling. As a result, their luggage is very different from each other.

What may seem indispensable to one, may seem absolutely useless to the other. It all depends on your project, your needs and how you want to live your PVT in New Zealand.

Some will leave with a bag lighter than a feather while others will take their house with them. Some will opt for backpacker bags while others will prefer a suitcase. Some people see themselves as a scoundrel, while others like the idea of finding the comfort of an apartment on the other side of the world.

In short, there is no good luggage, there is the right luggage for you! It’s this one you have to prepare, and not another! If this is your first or even your second big trip, you will certainly find, at the end of PVT, that there are some points to review. It’s normal and it’s the reaction that all travellers have at one time or another: you tend to take too much with you! Some items will have been particularly useful to you while others will have remained in the back of your luggage for the whole year.

It does not take us 2 minutes to pack our bags, but this file is intended to provide you with some answers so that you can choose and prepare your luggage for New Zealand as efficiently as possible!

You can follow our advice (or not), dig into it, add or remove some items that, after reflection, will burden you unnecessarily. We hope above all that this file will allow you to keep in mind everything you could bring with you. Then it’s up to you to make your choice according to your needs and the size of your luggage!

First of all, there is a rule to remember when it comes to packing:

If possible, avoid taking valuables such as jewellery with you that you may lose or that may be stolen from you. Even if it doesn’t happen daily to PVTists, if you take valuables like a computer or a nice camera with you, you need to be prepared for the idea that they could be stolen, that you could lose them, forget them or break them during your stay.

The two things you should hold on to during your stay are your passport and your payment card. These are the two most complicated documents to retrieve if you lose them. The rest is material.